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You Are Not Alone

Start Dating Again, Find Love

Whether you've been recently diagnosed with HIV or have been living with it for a long time, registering for free with Positive Lovers Dating will open up the chance for you to find a committed and loving relationship with someone who won't judge you by your status.

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If you are recently or even long term single, don't worry because there are hundreds of singles on Positive Lovers Dating.

Welcome to Poitive Lovers Dating.

Just because living with HIV isn't a death sentence anymore, it doesn't mean that it can't be difficult to face every day with a smile on your face. That's why Positive Lovers Dating is here. If you're HIV positive and looking for a date, then you don't need to worry about the awkward conversation or misconceptions about your lifestyle choices, because all of our members know exactly how you feel and what is involved in living with HIV. Join them by registering for free today and find the love of your life on Positive Lovers Dating.

Positive Lovers Dating is an innovative and exciting online dating community, attracting singles from around the world. There are thousands of single men and women online right now, so whether you're looking for love, friendship or a bit of support, you'll find everything that you're looking for and more online with Positive Lovers Dating. What's more, there's no obligation to pay a fee until you think you've found the one for you. What's stopping you from finding love and happiness online? Your HIV status certainly isn't an excuse anymore!